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      We are making progress because of you. We are specialized in creating unparalleled commercial and resident space for you.We are always shifting the diversity of our lines which inspired by the imaginaton of the future.We will never stop on the way to find out the best solution for you.Day by day, never say never.

     Evoking the beauty of the natural stone. By exploring the intrinsic character of granite and marble, we carefully select our collections from an ample range of exotic stones of different colors, veins and textures. Processing by sophisticated machine, professional craftsman and rigorous procedures, the natural stones are brought to you with our heart and soul to adapt to the latest trend of the design of the dream architectures.

    Keeping innovation in mind.We are discovering innovative materials and finishes base on the most fierce market competition and the capacity of research and develop  unmatch by other companies.We are working with all kinds of professionals who will establish and maintain to delivery the highest-quality of products and warmest customer service.

    Driving by the demand of you. We are devoting to creating a safer, more beautiful, more durable, more recyclable space for you by applying avant-garde technology and advanced knowledge of architecture. We are providing interior and exterior applications rather than products.

    We would like to invite you to witness the development of us.Here,you can looking forward into the leading edge of the future.  








Walgar brand is a professional sanitary ware company, mainly engaged in  Kitchen-Stainless Stell Sinks,Kitchen Cabinet, Faucets and Kitchen Accessories;Bathroom-Bathroom Cabinet, Toilets,Lavatories,Bathtubs,Urinals and Bathroom Accessories.
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